"Look within.

Be Still.

Free from fear 

and attachment, know the sweet joy of living in the way."

Yoga has been known and is backed up with a lot of research and studies to increase one's well-being in a holistic approach. It balances the sleeping pattern, provides full potential body awareness, aid in weight loss and boosts our happy hormones leading individuals to be more compassionate, mindful and releasing a flowing gratitude.


Also, due to its stress-busting effects, it can slow down the degeneration of cells wherein yogis have a more youthful glow.


If you are just starting out, we have the perfect yoga strap that will be there for you through ups and downs on your journey to wellness.

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Great strap! So soft, but really strong and feels very durable. Long enough for my tall frame (I'm almost 6' tall), and much more comfortable on my sensitive feet than some other straps I've used. I use it for yoga and for stretching after my long run. Great product, highly recommend to anyone who needs to stretch for any reason.

— Lizzie

Pink Yoga Strap Sukhi Yoga
Purple Yoga Strap Sukhi Yoga
Green Yoga Strap Sukhi Yoga
Black Yoga Strap Sukhi Yoga

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